North Ada County Fire & Rescue District: Fire Prevention

The District has adopted the Idaho State Fire Code, and implemented a new fee schedule on August 23, 2021.   Prevention provides the following services:
  • Issues Conditional Use Permits, Zoning Applications, Occupancy Permits, Preliminary Plats, Final Plats and Planned Unit Developments
  • Performs Plan Reviews, Sprinkler Plan Reviews, Fire Alarm Plan Reviews, Commercial Hood Systems Plan Reviews, Paint Booth Plan Reviews and
  • Flammable Liquid Storage Tank Plan Reviews
  • Inspects Day Care Centers
  • Receives and processes Firework Permit applications
  • Conducts Building Inspections
  • Conducts Fire Cause Investigations
  • Manages Juvenile Fire Setter Program
  • Conducts Fire Prevention Education
  • Pre-application meetings, Fire Marshals meetings
  • Code Issues, problems and questions
  • Training