Know at least two ways out of every room, if possible. Make sure all doors and windows leading outside open easily.
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Jeff Ramey
Sub District # 1

Jeff Ramey retired from the Boise Fire Department after 26 years of service including 12 years in fire administration. Ramey entered the fire service as a hoseman and retired as Fire Chief of the Boise Fire Department in 2008. Ramey has experience in all facets of the fire service including Incident Commander, Planning & Budget Preparation, Spec. Writing and Purchasing, Managing Construction Projects and Maintaining Fire Dept. Properties, Service Contracts (Mutual-Aid, Auto-Aid, etc.), Labor Negotiations and Personnel Management. Ramey has served as Fire Commissioner for the North Ada County Fire & Rescue District since 2008.



Margaret Dimmick

Sub District # 2

Margaret Dimmick has 35 years of experience in local emergency management, including experience in public works, hazardous materials, structural and wildland fire, and law enforcement incidents. Dimmick designs and presents emergency response training and exercises nationally. Most recently, Dimmick participated in assessing the lessons learned in the response to the Gulf Oil Spill from the Unified Area Command in New Orleans. 



Todd Bunderson
Sub District # 3

Todd Bunderson has thirty years of state and local public service experience. At the state level, Todd worked with lawmakers as a Principal Budget & Policy Analyst for the nonpartisan Idaho Legislative Services Office. Todd’s local government experience as the Director of Finance & Economic Development for the City of Nampa involved public safety while working with the police/fire chiefs on strategic planning, facility-operations-equipment budgets, purchasing, construction, personnel, and contract bargaining. Todd has extensive experience with Idaho property tax law, local government, personnel management, contract administration, strategic capital planning, and project management. He is currently Development Director for the Capital City Development Corporation.